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We offer a full range of Fuel Oil Payment Services to our customers.

7-Day Pay

We offer a 7-day payment program for our full service contract customers where you have 10 days to pay your bill, but we offer an incentive of .06 cents per gallon rebate if you pay within 7 days.

As a 7-day pay customer your package consists of:

• Automatic Delivery
• Extended time to make your payment
• Cash/money order or Visa/MasterCard/Discover
• (no personal checks without preapproval)
• SAVE .06 cents per gallon

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Budget Plan

Simply signup and save.

Budget plans eliminate high fuel bills during the winter. Our plan gives you the ability to pay for your deliveries over a 10-month period. Our plan runs from August thru May.

We will estimate your payments based on your previous year’s usage and send you a coupon sheet for your convenience in mailing in your payment. In addition, budget customers have their fuel delivered on an Automatic Delivery basis, eliminating any stress of running low on oil.

At the end of the budget season, you will receive a statement showing all your payments and deliveries. Currently you will earn a 6% rebate on all credit balances on your account, provided your individualized monthly payments are kept up to date.

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Save Money By Planning Ahead

We offer prepay for fuel oil services, giving our customers the ability to lock in a set price for fuel oil all winter. Due to the extreme fluctuation of the market on a daily basis, we wait as long as possible to ensure that we offer our customers the best pre-pay price.

Current customers are contacted in August with a fuel oil prepay price for the season. Our prepay season runs from Sept 1st through May 31st of the following year. The minimum purchase is 400 gallons.

Your prepay price remains the same until you’ve used up your gallons. During this time you will be on automatic delivery, so no need to contact us when you need fuel – we’ll make sure to get it to you when you need it.

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Next, we offer the Pay Now Plan through www.myexpressoil.com; as a Pay Now customer you are able to process oil deliveries at any given time through our online store. Within 3 days of your purchase you will receive your oil delivery.

By ordering online you will receive the lowest competitive price we can offer you. This means everyone gets the same great deal every day. There are no hidden fees and no complicated pricing contracts. We’re simply saving you up to .30 cents per gallon on your heating oil.

As a Pay Now customer your package consists of:

• Will call oil delivery
• Convenient ordering process
• All major credit cards accepted
• Lowest competitive oil price

Automatic Delivery vs. Will Call

While on automatic delivery, ECI is responsible to track a customer’s oil usage and deliver home heating oil in a timely manner. If a customer is on will call they are 100% responsible to monitor their usage and call ECI with a reasonable amount of time to make a delivery.

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