Should you have your air conditioning system checked?

I often get asked how important it is to have a central air conditioning system cleaned and checked regularly, and is it really needed, so I thought I would share a story from earlier this week.

The weather can’t seem to make up it’s mind right now, but the hot weather will be here soon enough.  In the meantime, we’ve started our annual ritual of pre-season air conditioning tune-ups and safety checks.  Earlier in the week, our technician Jeremy Clemens was in Erdenheim Pa to do a tune-up for a customer that had a Unico Small Duct Central Air Conditioning system installed by ECI Comfort several years ago.  The homeowner routinely gets his heater cleaned and serviced, but hasn’t had the central air looked at since we’ve installed it.

This is what Jeremy found when he started taking the system apart.

IMG_2042 IMG_7562 IMG_8980


Mechanical equipment requires many working parts in order to function properly.  With an air conditioner, nothing (did I say nothing) is more important than the free flow of air across the system and especially the coils, in order to transfer the heat in the air to the coil and it’s refrigerant and then take that heat outside and release it from the refrigerant in the coils to the outside air.   You don’t have to have a degree in thermo-dynamics to see that this build up on the coils will substantially reduce the efficiency of the airflow and ultimately the transfer of energy.  I doubt that this system would work as is, but imagine how much energy would be wasted by this system having to work twice as long to remove the heat from the air.

ECI’s number one cause of emergency service calls during heat waves are clogged filters and dirty coils. In extreme cases like this one, the system could even suffer damage to the components that could be quite costly.   So I recommend getting a preseason tune up and safety inspection yearly and change your filters often!  Call me at ECI Comfort 215-245-3200 or click here to schedule your tune-up now.


  • Prevent high energy bills
  • Catch minor problems before they turn in to expensive repairs
  • Equipment will have a longer lifespan
  • Keep manufacture’s warranties valid

If you cannot get a tune up, make sure you replace the air filter regularly and pay attention to any strange noises or smells.

Emergency Service – Something we take pride in!


How is your 24 Hour Emergency Service?


ECI Comfort does a lot of things well, and one of them is top notch Emergency Service. Does your current company set the bar when you are in a jam and need help immediately, or leave you hanging? We understand that these kinds of things happen!

Don’t take our word for it, check out our video of an emergency situation in Bristol, PA. ECI Comfort was not the customer’s heating and cooling company at the time, but now is. Find out why!

Need Emergency Service? Get started here!

Throwback Thursday – Mt. Airy Philadelphia Home


Our throwback Thursday for this week takes us back to 2004, when ECI went out to a home in the Mt. Airy Section of Philadelphia. The homeowner was having some major efficiency issues and high utility bills due to the fact. Looking for a more efficient comfort solution, they decided to give ECI Comfort a call to see what their options were.

The homeowner was looking to replace their energy guzzling gas boiler, and twinned gas furnaces for something that was more efficient. They decided to go with state of the art high efficiency staged boilers, an indirect water storage tank and air handlers with hydronic coils.

to view the full length case study / image gallery and enjoy instant savings just for dropping by!

How Efficient is your Home? Find out here!

Home Perfomance

If your like me, you are always trying to find ways to save money. I always do the little things, like making sure I turn the light off when I leave a room, putting my computer at the best Power Saving settings and some other simpler energy saving methods to keep my bills low.

Home Energy Yardstick

Here is a Easy Home Efficiency Solution

However, I know that I can be, most likely, running more efficient. I found a useful tool on the Energy Star Website that allows you to, with a little bit of information about your home, find out how you measure up when it comes to efficiency. It’s called the “Home Energy Yardstick

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ECI is Now Hiring Service Techs

Now Hiring

We’re looking for the rock stars of the heating and air conditioning industry. We only hire dedicated individuals who believe in our policy of real comfort, real simple. If you don’t have direct experience with HVAC, don’ worry! We love people that are mechanically inclined and can learn new things. If you’re looking for a rewarding career with a growing company, send us your resume and become part of the ECI Comfort team.

A Day on the Job with ECI Comfort

Have you ever wondered how something was made, so you could have a better understanding of how it works? I know I have, and there are shows out there, like “How Stuff Works”, that explore the very same idea. Check out our new video that takes you to Wyndmoor, PA on an install from day 1 until the job is complete. Don’t worry, the video is only a few minutes!

Like this video? Check out our video of Paul performing a Home Assessment in the Parkwood section of Philadelphia.

Many Hit with Huge Electric Bills


A recent news report on CBS stated that local electric customers have been getting charged hundreds over the amount that was on their last bill. Some companies have raised their cents per kilowatt hour by as much as or over double in the past month. This is due to customers being on a variable rate plan when they sign up with their electric company. This variable rate can go up at any time with no notice. Although there has been an increasing amount of complaints, there is no guarantee that these rates will decrease.

If you are a victim of this billing crisis, ECI Comfort is here for you! We have Tips for making your Home More Efficient!